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Thursday, February 07, 2013

No Cold, No Heat

With respect to all,

Waking early is an excellent practice. The early morning allows me to be without the distractions of traffic, phones, and light. Outside, the air is cool and there are few sounds, save a rooster or two in the distance. I open myself to what is: no eye, no ear, no nose, no heat, no cold...in a sense, this is what it is like to have mind and body fall away. Alone in the courtyard, a sliver, of moon with a million stars over my head, thoughts come and go easily. Yet, as I sit on the courtyard tiles, I notice their cold feel. Mind and body return. Life is like that.

The coming and going, ebb and flow of feeling and thought, are my existence just then. Looking at the stars I am with all others who have, throughout time and space, gazed upon them. There is a brief recognition of the infinite reality of the universe: Infinite, finite, and so on.

Cold air seeps in through my robe. I notice my left hand, partially paralyzed by a bullet in my brain so long ago, is getting colder. Soon it is time to rise up and go back inside the house where it will slowly warm, but more slowly and less completely than the rest of my body.

Now, sitting at my desk in the studio, I feel once again home and the musings of the infinite fade away. Coming and going, the cycle is ceaseless and seamless.

Be well.

Clear Mind Zen Temple Notes:

Thursday evening Zazen will now include chanting the Heart Sutra, Tea Service, Dharma Talk and two periods of Zazen followed by our closing ceremonies.

We will begin at 7:00 PM and conclude by 8:30 PM.

Please consider joining us for this weekly practice opportunity.

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